The US stock market is the market for the US stock market. Due to the impact of the epidemic and other political reasons, US stocks triggered four circuit breakers. Respectively on March 9, 2020, March 12, March 16, and March 18. Some experts predict that serious polarization may occur in the US stock market in the future.

The United States is the largest country in GDP. It has strong economic strength. The trading markets of US stocks include NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, PK market, OTC and so on. There are also close investment transactions with many countries. Due to the raging epidemic in the United States and many other reasons, U.S. stocks are different from previous years.

All in all, the US stock market has been affected by many uncertain factors. As investors, we can only choose US stocks wisely and prudently. Maximize the purpose of avoiding risks.

Raymond Mitchell, Author

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