Is Facebook (ticker: FB ) listening to its detractors?

It would appear so, as the company is testing out a new feature without much fanfare, reports Huffington Post .

Typically, Facebook trending topics (on the right rail of a Facebook page) would feature names of companies, celebrities, cities and more that people on the platform were talking about most frequently, along with a quick blurb about why they're trending. This blurb is written by a Facebook employee. Now, the new version will indicate how many people are discussing certain topics (i.e. 1 million people are discussing Nintendo), reports Huffington Post.

This testing comes after a Gizmodo report showed humans could have made the feature biased away from conservative views. The company rejected claims that staffers could falsely add trending topics into the service.

While Huffington Post pointed out the change Tuesday night, it looks like Mashable saw this sooner – meaning the testing could continue to be an ongoing project. As for other changes at the company, last month the social media giant said it would feature family and friends in its news feed more than brand links.

Additionally, as live video takes over the Internet, its own Facebook Live feature is proving popular and relevant – and could be a strong cash outlet for the company.

Facebook will report its earnings Wednesday after market close. Its stock is up about 15.8 percent for the year.

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