Your personal resolutions may include more frequent visits to the gym or a more healthy diet. These are the typical New Year's resolutions. But don't forget to establish professional resolutions .

It's easy to feel you are stuck in a rut at work, but you have the power to change this. Choose small, incremental actions to increase the odds you'll follow through. Don't bite off more than you can chew and risk falling off the resolution wagon.

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Identify and attend a professional association or networking meeting. Almost every occupation or industry has a professional association. If not, look for a special interest group that works for you. This might be a professional women's networking group, young professionals group or even an alumni networking group . If you are having difficulty finding a group, ask your friends for recommendations. Your local newspaper may list local networking events, too. If you are anxious about attending a meeting, find a friend to bring along

Teach yourself something new. You don't necessarily need to learn to code or enroll in university classes. You can teach yourself. Be sure you pick something you are interested in to increase the likelihood you'll follow through. Look for free or low-cost classes online. Your local community college may have classes or lectures that work well with your schedule.

Read something daily. Skimming Facebook's news feed doesn't count. Find an online publication or magazine and read it start to finish. Follow your industry trends , as well as trends in technology and marketing. Eventually, these trends will impact your industry. One way to make sure you honor your reading resolution is by subscribing to the publication or adding the app to your smartphone. And there's nothing wrong with getting the paper version. You may be more likely to read it if it sits on your coffee table.

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Volunteer. Find an organization that needs your help. To ensure you stay engaged, identify a group that you are interested in either on a personal or professional level. Start by donating your time helping with a specific event. This gives you the opportunity to test the waters before you commit too much of your time or energy. It also serves as a pathway to perhaps serving on the board one day.

Become a mentor. No matter where you are in your life, someone can benefit from what you've learned. It may be someone getting ready to graduate from college or it may be someone older who wants to learn how to use technology better. You have valuable skills and knowledge so don't be embarrassed to share what you know.

Find a mentor. Being on the receiving end of a mentor relationship is also an option. You don't have all the answers. Wouldn't it be nice to learn shortcuts or better ways of navigating your challenges ? That is exactly what a mentor can do. Identify someone who has expertise or experience you admire and ask if they would be willing to share what they've learned. A mentor/mentee relationship does not have to be long term. It may just be a one-time exchange.

Join a support group. If you are actively job searching, look for job-seeker groups to support your quest. If you are thinking about starting a side business or freelancing, join a freelancing group. Mastermind groups are another way to connect with like-minded professionals who will help provide advice and hold you accountable for achieving your goals. These types of groups are available in person or online.

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The idea behind these new activities is to expose yourself to new experiences that will help you grow. You may also stumble upon things that can alter the direction of your career. When you step outside your comfort zone and open yourself up to learning about new things and meeting new people, it exposes you to new worlds. This may lead your career in a brand new direction or open new windows of opportunities.

The biggest challenge to resolutions is making them stick. Schedule time on your calendar for these new activities to ensure you've designated time and that they don't get pushed aside by other "more important" activities.

Also, know what you want to gain from your experience. You are more likely to enjoy your resolution and stick with it if you see tangible results or if it meets your goals.

Don't expect miracles or instant gratification. Any changes you make won't instantly boost your career. These actions are new patterns of behavior and take time to generate results.

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