Everyone in the society is an independent individual. When people enter the society, they will get certain survival ability. It will bring great changes to personal life. Most of the returns people get will be traded in money. Only by earning more money can people improve their quality of life gradually. When people get money in return, they don't put it at home. They save it in the bank. The bank will open a savings account for everyone. So that people can access it freely. So what is a savings account? What kind does it have? Here is a detailed analysis for you.

A savings account is opened by a citizen with a valid ID card in a savings institution. Such as a bank to handle fund deposit and withdrawal business. The purpose of this saving is to obtain interest income. The income of interest is determined by the interest rate of bank deposit. Before saving, people can choose the right type of deposit. Mainly according to the amount of funds and the frequency of deposit and withdrawal. There are several types of bank savings.

1. Current savings. This is the simplest savings. People can deposit cash business in savings institutions from time to time. It is not limited by the amount.

2. Lump sum deposit and withdrawal. In this way, individuals and banks should sign a fixed deposit term. Customers deposit the principal in a lump sum. Then receive the principal and the deposit interest agreed with the bank after maturity.

3. Fixed deposit by installments. The individual's principal is deposited into the savings account in batches. Then the principal and interest will be obtained after maturity. This kind of deposit is based on a fixed amount of money on a monthly basis. For people who have a fixed income every month, this is a suitable financial management.

4. Lump-sum deposit with staged withdrawal. Customers deposit a large amount of money into the account at one time. Then withdraw the principal by stages and get interest after maturity.

5. Interest withdrawal on principal deposited. Deposit the principal in one time and take out the interest in several times. And then take back the principal at maturity. It can be considered for customers with surplus funds.

6. Education savings. This is a preferential way of saving for students. When people open an account, they sign an agreement with the bank. Then deposit money into the account every month without interruption. The withdrawal can only be made with the passbook or the identity certificate of the educated student. This form can enjoy the interest rate stipulated by the state. And it is exempt from interest tax.

The above are the types of savings accounts for you. Hope to provide beneficial help in the later storage business. If you have storage needs, you can go to the local banking institutions to consult. And choose the appropriate storage business. Let savings become the main form of personal finance.

Raymond Mitchell, Author

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